Our way to achieve our goals is here. Please, take your time and we hope wou will love our project as we do. Be sure that we do believe at agile development, so you can submit any of your ideas in our social medias or via email

Q1 2023

January 2023 — March 2023
  • Start of Game Dude

    We are starting on empty stack Next JS + Firebase

  • Start of Basic Functionality (BF) Development

    Firs of all we gonna create basic functionality like authorisation and games database. It’s foundamental thing that we want to create

  • BF Release

    Basically its like child first step. We gonna have game database on the portal and users can submit the games they like to be displayed on the portal so other users can see them

Q2 2023

April 2023 — June 2023
  • NFT Collection Development and Release

    You did heard about NFTs? We want to create our own collection to let you support our project. Our NFTs will be unique and they will shine in our users profiles as well.

  • Posts Implementation Development Start

    We want our users to feel free to post gaming related data on Game Dude portal. Each post will be connected to the game so every gamer can find something they like by just visiting game page

  • Posting System Release

    At the release we will do our best to make rewards for each participant. We want users to help us build up our community from scratch

Q3 2023

July 2023 — September 2023
  • Gaming Events API Development Start

    What is the gaming itself without competition? We want to develop our own API that will provide data about each one and use it to show our users more data about the games they love

  • Gaming Events Release

    Users can search for Gaming Events and watch it live (if thats possible) or go to 3rd party streaming service to enjoy them. We don’t want to compete with any broadcasters or channels, we want to let the players chose the best way to enjoy an event

  • Developer Corner (DC) Development

    What we can do for the gamers? We can try to put them closer to the developers to leave a feedback or submit bugs. And create a cozy corner for game developers

Q4 2023

October 2022 — December 2022
  • User Profile Update

    We want to let our participants flex on our platform by some creative and unique ways. You will enjoy that ;)

  • DC Release

    What we can do for the gamers? We can try to put them closer to the developers to leave a feedback or submit bugs

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