Game Dude is a service made for gamers by gamers with extra features

We want to provide full web 3.0 functionality that any gamer can use

What Game Dude is made for?

We want to made a platform of free communication services and players across the globe. We want to see all games clear, easy and enjoyable to play. We want to have an impact on games we love. We want to let players be the leaders of they own.

How did Game Dude start?

At the start we have an idea to create structured list of all games. Not some useless database, but the one with the heart. Place where you can find not only the data, but something like your favorite cozy place, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of your fav game.

Some of us were gaming journalists before, the others were gamers who were doing their best at the desk in office and suck in competitive games tired of finding the ways to improve their experience. And some of us were crypto enthusiasts who are looking at the crypto world.

So we start this project, to create something more then database but a technology that will help the gamers across the world.